Monday, 22 October 2012


The Big Draw was a fantastic event held at the Barton Hall, Chilwell, Nottingham as part of the Carnival of Monsters. Aimed as an opportunity for children to have an afternoon of art with wonderful resources and the chance to make and create lots of fun things. I took part in assisting the event, it was brilliant fun, there was puppet and mask making and a massive painting for them to all colour in. It started out as a nice illustration of the typical fairytale scenario; y’know fairies, pirates and monsters, but descended into madness as these kids, some still in nappies (some ONLY in nappies) ended up rolling around in the paint, it was all over their clothes, hair, faces; they were painting themselves, each other, it was hilarious. They were having so much fun, the only brutal part was the thump every few minutes as one of them slipped in the paint, but thanks to Petit Filous they just hopped back up and carried on, very funny to watch!

It is a brilliant annual event; totally free, and as long as you have good washing powder definitely bring your kids to it nexyear! 

(Photos courtesy of the Carnival of Monsters Big Draw facebook page)

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