Monday, 27 April 2015


I have made some work for a show in Brighton; Framed  a show based in a number of shop windows in unconventional places around Brighton; such as restaurants/ cafes/shops. 
The event is organised by Pop-Up Brighton. Due to the lack of space and really expensive rates to hire, it is unfortunately a lot harder to exhibit work than in Nottingham, where there is an abundance of space and a helluva lot of art funding, so as a result you have to look outside the box, i.e if you want a blank space with white walls and nice nondescript cement flooring you're in the wrong place. It is a shame really, the city is packed full of creative minds, so many whom I have spoken to who want to get involved with projects and opportunities, but as far as the Arts Council is concerned Brighton is 'arty enough' and doesn't need any funding. Which is bullshit of course, there is only a couple of non-commercial galleries in the city, all the while there are empty shops and potential galleries on every street! Maybe it has something to do with the way Brighton Uni runs it's fine at courses- because the way I see it, there is a real creative buzz, but it just doesn't feel like the kind of contemporary art culture that you have in  Nottingham or London or any fucking city where there is arts council funding, Fine Art courses and a huge network. Maybe I am just totally out of the loop, which I probably am, but I damn well miss the vibe in Nottingham, it felt like there were so many opportunities available, where as Brighton feels like, unless you're putting on a gig night or make electronic music you'd might as well fuck off back to where you came from as there isnt the space for you. I mean someone tell me I'm WRONG! I WANT to be wrong, but it does feel like a tricky environment to break into. That aside it is such a rad place, so diverse and non-conformist, I just need to break down this wall and find my way, or find some really rich property mogul and convince him to give me some $$$. 
Anyway The show ends on Wednesday and there is a closing party and silent auction of the work at Hen on Trafalgar Street. 

Homemaker 1-7 Series. pages 46

Thursday, 12 March 2015


All things floppy, flaccid, curved, limp, drooped, drooping, wilting, soft, emasculated, feminine, girly, weak, stereotyped, gendered.

Stereotypes are bullshit, but I like to play with them.
I am interested in recreating this idea of 'emasculation' through soft sculpture, soft flaccid artworks, that imply certain ideas, without doing anything but drooping.

Nu work (months & months later) aka trying to remember how to be an artist

Since graduating from my BA in Fine Art, the truth is I actually have not made much work at all, if any.. Which sucks, it does. But the reality of being back in my small town and living back with my parents and struggling with no money, no studio, no facilities makes being an artist just that bit harder. I don't know what I want to do, or how I am supposed to do to make it work?!? But does anyone know? 

However, I HAVE made some work, some collages. So no exciting sculptures but it feels good to make work again, and I like them so that's good. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Fine Art Degree Show

'It's a Flop!'

Installation View (front)

Installation View (back)

Cauliflower detail

Sausage detail

Embroidery detail