Friday, 19 October 2012


Here is my 'space', no lovely corner with a window overlooking a park scattered with fallen autumnal leaves to inspire me, but at least I have some wall this time! For those who have been to art college, you would understand that the matter of space is one of total stress and drama; initially at the beginning of the year  the crazy battle begins on the first day back to claim the best spot, although a month in people usually give up and succumb with a bitter acceptance that for the next few months at least they will be crammed onto a table in the middle of a room (with no wall space) surrounded by  people who are making far better work since since they have better spot, obviously.
This whole few days of utter hysteria is only repeated at the end of the year when the time comes to actually hang the work up, anyway since we’re no way near at that point, all is well and I am quite satisfied with my spot.

So since stating my concept in my statement of intent I’ve been collecting lots of resources to work with. The best ones are from old knitting patterns and housewife manuals, as well as some really amazing old photos. They are so inspiring; I can’t wait to take my scalpel to them!

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