Saturday, 3 November 2012

Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

Last week we had workshops  at uni, I took part in Everything But the Kitchen Sink, with film and performance artist Simon Raven, resident at Primary Studios. 

Mr Raven looking as cool as ever.

We began with watching some classics of the kitchen sick genre; such as Alan Sillitoe’s adapted novel Saturday Night Sunday Morning staring a young Albert Finney. He wrote about working class life in Nottingham in the 50s and 60s with an angry young man, the anti-hero as the protagonist.  The work of the kitchen sink genre tends to be about typical things; human relations, work, survival and enjoyment. Eastenders and Coronation Street are examples of modern day kitchen sink drama. Joy Division and The Smiths could be considered as kitchen sink bands.

The following day we were to present our responses to the films, I used photography as my medium.

The bleak structure and decor of my student house was a  really good setting for the typical kitchen sink glow. Taken on a basic disposable candle during the evening and morning after.

We then were expected to create some performance art as a reflection to the subject, seeing as performance artists could be considered as anti-heros themselves? This however escalated into utter madness..

our resources

We ended up crawling around the studios under a black cloth, Si turned into a little film..

(god I love being an art student) 

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