Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Statement of Intent

The main focal point that I want to look at and develop in this module is the exploration of the medium of collage. I have become really interested in this practice, having delved into it briefly last term in my final unit when I focused on the process of cutting up and rearranging shapes on paper, in a minimalistic format. I still appreciate this minimalist look although it is not so key to me anymore, but my enjoyment of the practice has grown. I am particularly interested in the aspect of sourcing the materials from which to use. The process of finding unusual source materials and then cutting up and rearranging them is an exciting and sustainable method of working. Reusing and ultimately ‘regenerating’ these materials is a unique form of recycling with beautiful results. 
I am really interested in the very relevant issues of the sexualisation of young girls and all the connotations that follow; the lack of suitable ‘role’ models, the ready availableness of pornography and the effect that has upon the attitude towards women; the expectations and how certain forms of behaviour are now deemed ‘acceptable’ in society. I will look into the work of Ukrainian feminist group Femen, who are campaigning uncompromisingly and extraordinarily for the equality of women particularly in Eastern Europe where the sex trade is rife; where you are living and what religion you are makes a great deal difference to how women are treated. The Romany Gypsy way of life is an interesting example; as a result of programs like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding the general public have the opportunity to see what it is like on the inside of these notoriously secretive families, and may be surprised at what beliefs they hold about women in the family role.
Ultimately I am interested in the way childhood has changed, in particular the effects that would have upon relationships particularly the ones between mothers and daughters.  Despite how well a parent one can assume that they are, it would be impossible for their child not to be influenced by her contemporaries where role models are winners of the ‘X Factor’ for instance.  This lack of appropriate role models for our current generation is worrying and I am interested in the differences within today’s generations and those from past generations. How the traditional perfect housewife and mother with perfect children and a clean house is less of a reality these days and simply a naïve outmoded ideal, and more importantly even if it seems ‘perfect’ more often than not it isn’t the case. The film The Perfect Family is an example of that chocolate box façade.  But it is interesting to see just how people’s ideals have altered and what has replaced them; aspirations to be ‘popstars’ and ‘glamour’ models.  I want to explore the different variations of family life through the practice of collage. I will use Cutting Edges; Contemporary Collage as a reference book, full of examples of what the world of collage is producing today, and look into the work of artists like Lillianna Pereira. I want to see what I can create as a representation of femininity and the idea of the ‘ideal’ family life through different resources which I have sourced.

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