Wednesday, 10 October 2012

i love to draw naked people

luvin’ lyf drawin’
Last week I had the pleasure of drawing the lovely fifty something somewhat stature lacking, but no less manly Grantham, in all his naked goodness.

We started off with a few five minute sketches to warm up and ended with a couple of long twenty  minute poses on Grantham’s part, and some somewhat sketchy attempts to recreate his Achilles-like (albeit pot belly) poses by me.

Just to warn you, except for drawing a few bowls for my sisters GCSE coursework, I’ve not actually taken pencil to paper for a while, so they’re a bit rough around the edges.

Here are some of the results..

(what a stud)

Life drawing is such a cathartic activity; settling into the groove and sketching away. The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in visual arts with line and form of the human figure as the primary objective, rather than the subject person, and focus being on the shapes and negative space created.  Similarly with portraiture, although in that case there tends to be more focus upon the actual subject, however I still love using the face, with all its sections and lines to create art.
 I focused a lot on portraiture last unit, exploring the face and themes of recognition; looking at the medical condition ‘Prosopagnosia’ more commonly known as ‘face blindness’. I think I’ll save that post for later..

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