Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Festival Fun (Part 2)

 Right, after easing myself in to the festival scene with a trip to Kent’s Hop Farm Festival, the time came to branch out, or upward to the north, to bonnie Scotland’s ol’ Wickerman Festival.  Which was really fun! Travelling via campervan, so okay not totally slumming it, we ventured to Dumfries where it was situated amongst Scottish mountainsides. Amazing setting for a festival, really beautiful, and surprisingly wasn’t pissing it down or particularly cold! Kudos to Scotland!

Look at those rolling hills

Something to do with a Don't Tell The Bride episode?

lovely portaloos, seriously

the 'tyred?' seating area

Newton Faulkner is my new hero, such a cool dude


...and Tinkerbell!!
Everyone loves Skaaaa

The huge Wickerman, it was set alight on Saturday night

The best mother & son picture ever

dancing faces

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