Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Cakes are cool.

I think my wonderful future housemate Yash is getting concerned that due to my sudden new interest in technology that I won’t be baking any more cakes, this post is to reassure her that baking is still my number one priority, above all including getting a decent degree.

From watching Choccywoccydoodah and my favourite; Cake Boss (Buddy you legend) baking is totally getting on peoples radar and slowly, but resolutely getting the appreciation they deserve (it’s like they are war heroes or sommin, what am I sayin?!) No longer just for the Mary Berry fanatics out there, since cakes, you know, are COOL.
Anyway, after watching Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppolas’ (pretty awful) Marie Antoinette I got inspired to create my own masterpiece, and my sister was turning 15, which everyone knows, is an important birthday so, I thought I’d make her something exciting. Like all good artists, planning is paramount..

I think it was at this point I had realised how little art I’d done over the summer, and was attempting to turn every opportunity into a project worth documenting, which this one is, obviously..
This is what I made ..

Sure, it looks cool, but alas it tasted BAD.
Imagine the sweetness of Buddy the Elf’s syrupy spaghetti like, doubled, and then whip in a few million additives. So after the initial sugar rush, you had that sad, sad comedown, and had to hold back the vom.

SO, the challenge is to create a culinary masterpiece; something that is equally as aesthetically pleasing as it is edible, ok no Michelin star but if can look like sommin out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and taste as good, total win. 

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  1. WOAH that cake! oh my who cares what it tasted like it looks amazing!