Friday, 3 August 2012

Festival Fun

Part 1.

Ok I’ll admit that I’m a total festival newbie, never did the whole Reading thing, the stories of tents being set alight with people still in them (not sure if this is really true?!) was enough to put me off. Plus I wasn't sure how comfortable I’d be with using the portaloos, especially if they get set alight too (what it is with the reading clientele? They seem to all be pyromaniacs) so anyways I never did. Although I did go to Underage Festival, back in the day, and I have memories of that being totally magic, probably because I was within quite close proximity to Patrick Wolf , whom to my 16 year old self, was a total GOD. But day festivals totally don’t count as getting the whole fest experience, so this summer was gonna be different. Sure I’m a bit of a late bloomer, but better late than never, I was not going to miss out on this teenage rite of passage, even if my teenage years are safely behind me. So I found some equally disgusting people who would be happy to endure my revolting unwashed self for a few days, and eased myself in with the Hop Farm, a fun, easy going family festival.

See, isn't he disgusting

The Tallest Man on Earth,
who was slated by the boys, but whom I totally love

(I used ‘The Gardener’ as the basis for my FMP at foundation; Kristian Matsson's burying of the competition in his garden led me to some weird google links, although Izima Kaoru’s ‘dead’ model photography was really cool, and Saverio Truglia work of death in suburbia.. )

Izima Kaoru's Death is at Focus

Best birthday ever!

But anyway TMOE, has serious guitar skillz AND he’s Swedish.

My Morning Jacket were awesome, if I wasn't so skint I would've Amazoned the entire album collection when I got home. Just so spacey, with their seriously chilled basey jamming, aside the screeching guitar rifts and Yim Yames’ vast vocal range, it was so cool, the crowd were totally psyched, loved ittt.

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