Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vis-ya'll text-urs

I made a mango and passion fruit  cheesecake the other day (EXOTIC right?!) however there is no photo since I messed up BIG TIME  with the whole gelatine bit so that it ended up as a big sloppy orange mess, like it was squirted out by an Oompa Loompa, although it tasted pretty good. Anyway, due to my incessant nature of having to keep and collect anything with an interesting surface texture, I played around with the leftover shells from the passion fruits. Once scooped out, the inside is really tactile and the outer shell sort of shrivels and hardens when left in the sun, so you end up with a form with a really appealing interior and exterior.  

Initially after drying them out I explored what would happen if you covered the inner shell with a layer of PVA glue, this was the result;

It reminded me of the work of Jennifer collier, a big ALevel art favourite.  (We couldn’t get enough of those paper dresses)

I decided to cover the surfaces with foil which looked like this;

and then I photocopied the foil structure (god bless the photocopier, ‘The Most Effective Way To Achieve Those Exciting Visual Textures!”)

since foil was quite an unusual material to work with; really malleable but relatively strong, I created another structure this time from tin foil cases (the ones jam tarts come in) 

and I vacuum formed it and photocopied  it 

and since you have to exhaust every possibility, I also covered it in latex..

And why? Why Did I bother with this?
Well because I just love them vis-ya’ll text-urs (plus it totally beefed up my portfolio)

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