Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's torrential but you don't need an umbrella..

So I finally EXPERIENCED it; Random Internationals ‘Rain Room’ at the Barbican in London. A truly unique experience that enables you to CONTROL the rain!

Once you enter the Barbicans Curve gallery and venture through the darkness you are suddenly so aware of the sound of pouring rain; so loud, that despite being curious I was almost apprehensive in equal measure!
The piece itself was just so visually incredible; initially watching it from the outside of the square then tentatively trusting the assuring invigilator that if I walked slowly I wouldn’t get wet. Standing in the centre of the square the rain shimmered around us like diamonds and small rainbows were reflected within the light. It was beautiful and absurd to be standing surrounded by curtains of rain, I felt like I was having an outer body experience; feeling simultaneously in awe and calm.

Even though we had to queue for at least an hour to experience it, (despite getting there before it opened) it was definitely an experience worth having.

Go see it, it’s open til 3rd March and admission is FREE! 

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  1. Your photos are so good! Was so hard to get decent photos inside but yours are niiiice!