Friday, 4 January 2013


So, I have been making,

Using all the resources that I have collected over the past couple of months, I have made a number of pieces of work recently that have worked well. Focusing on the idea of feminism within the home, I have been playing upon the idea of the disgruntled housewife and the unhappy mother and the ideas of the ‘ideal’ woman. 
But I have also allowed the work to simply just expand on its own way by making pieces of collage that ended up no longer being about anything in particular but are just simply aesthetically pleasing; like ‘Knowing What You’ve Got’ for example.   

an unfinished piece focusing on the kitchen and  female symbolic imagery

'Don't you know you're the most valuable and wonderful thing in the world. You're a man'
Quote taken from Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road

'Knowing What You've Got, Comma'

'Untitled (Dinner time)'


'Perfection, Reflection'

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