Sunday, 17 February 2013


I have been painting

I haven’t really painted that much since school, which is kind of embarrassing, but I’m going to excuse myself this time and blame that on foolishly specialising in 3D instead of Fine Art during my Foundation at Leeds College of Art. While fun it sidetracked me a little so that I was on a Film and TV Design course for 6 months until I had a massive freak out and realised I was definitely on THE WRONG COURSE. 

But now, right course, just a little inexperienced, but hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Having only briefly had a go at working with oils when I was collaging onto wood, I realised that I really loved it and I knew I wanted to develop it further.

So here are a few initial experiments, using oil paint, white spirit and glaze.

I was painting from these photos of my mother that my father too back in the 70’s; really beautiful photographs of her, rich in colour and emotion. I wanted to take elements from these photographs, focusing on rich vibrant colour and using the techniques of washing with colour and glaze to give shine. These are quick experimental pieces, i made to remind myself of that way of working, plus after watching people paint around me, I had this overwhelming desire to put down the scalpel and whip out a brush, so i did..

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