Saturday, 24 November 2012


Well, that was a success!

On Thursday night we had the opening of AntiFactory’s 'WE ARE NOT MACHINES' exhibition at the Divine Coffee House in Nottingham.

The concept behind the exhibition was to question the value of art depending on the time taken to make the pieces. The work exhibited was all made through time consuming practices  oil painting, illustration and collage. AntiFactory aimed to bring back a bit of recognition to the time in production, and although just an initial exhibition, it seemed to have gone really well. 

James Politano measuring up..

James Politano
Pencil on wood

Amy Telford
‘The Girl that Grew Feathers out of Her Eyes’
Oil on wood

Rachel Fenwick
‘Extensive viewpoint I &II’
Acrylic and photograph on board

Martin George Rayment - MrO
 ‘Imperali se shark Oblivion, Part II’
‘Shore Leave’
Ink & graphite on paper

(my piece)
‘The faces of Helen No. 4 & 5’

We had some pieces by guest artist Alisia Wilkins, which were hung up inconspicuously around the around the gallery space..

The opening night was brilliant; everyone said that there was a great ‘ambience’ to the evening, which is definitely wonderful to hear! Lots of booze and live music as well as the art, we even had Catherine Bertola and the creators of the Little Wolf Parade paying a visit!

Poppie Jaconelli drinking her wine seductively..

Beautiful sounds 

Mr Oblivion himself

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