Monday, 26 November 2012

It's Christmas time..mistletoe and wine...

At university I don't seem to have very much time in my (lovely) student house over xmas before I'm heading back down southwards to ma & pa and a home with a working shower and a stocked fridge, so the occupants of our delightful residence decided to get in the Christmas spirit early this year make some decorations.

 eco empire, the genius behind the beauty

note the jazzy boarded up fireplace

Hello, Upcycling!

By the way I feel I should be honest and let you know that while i'm posting it now, these decorations have been up since 12th November.. we had to do something while waiting for the shower to be fixed, and in case you were wondering? STILL BROKEN.

(cold showers stop being 'invigorating' very quickly)

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