Friday, 7 September 2012

The Trilogy is Complete

Festival Fun Part 3.

da dada dumm  (blaring trumpets for those who don't know)

Yes, there is a third part.
Last weekend I think was the pinnacle of my festival experience, (or as far as I am ever gonna get, let’s be honest) as I travelled southwards to the End of the Road Festival, in Larmer Tree Gardens, North Dorset. A weekend of true fest experience; great music, insane ice-cream, no showers, mud, and the worst night’s sleep possibly ever. Putting the tent up in the dark is not the best thing to do; after realising that you’ve basically committed yourself to 2 nights sleeping on rubble, since there is no way you will be arsed to take it down and reassemble somewhere else, a dark cloud falls upon the normally welcomed idea of bedtime. Although Mr. Explorer was very dedicated in going under the tent and removing the surprisingly small rocks that had been destroying our sleep; the Scouts would be proud.
The festival itself was pretty amazing. The music was so chilled and atmospheric in the beautiful garden settings; Alabama Shakes were insane. Seriously good live, her voice is so cool and everyone was going wild for them! And Grizzly Bear were beautiful, as expected. But apart from the music, there was so much to do, like scrabble Sunday (yes) and Ringo Music Bingo, as well as comedy and giant jenga and you got it, a treasure hunt! There was actually a lot of stuff for the kids; circus lessons, clay modelling, and I saw some kids with what looked like cut out coffins, I’m not sure how appropriate they are, but I spose it’s just another life lesson.. anyway it was all really sweet and there was the best fudge ever, ever.

Woodland Library

Comedy Stage

Ringo Music Bingo Ronan

bingo score sheets (you get the idea)

Woodland Disco (!)


Six-player ping pong

Arts & Crafts for the kidz


Alabama Shakes

Hello Grizzly Bear

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